Prominent Sire Lines in Europe Poster


A beautiful and unique huge wall poster of Prominent Sire Lines in Europe, created specifically for The National Horseracing Museum.

Thoroughbred breeding can trace its lineage back to three Arab stallions imported into England in the late 17th Century/early 18th century. The first to be brought in, The Byerley (sometimes written as Byerly) Turk, was a true War-Horse and was ridden by his owner (Robert Byerley) at the Battle of the Boyne. In the following 30 years, he was followed by The Godolphin Arabian and The Darley Arabian. Today nearly 95% of thoroughbred horses are descended through their sire line to the last of these three stallions. You can read more on the Not606 blog about these fabulous charts.

Sized at a whopping 700mm x 890mm, it is produced on a 200gsm silk board and despatched in a rolled-up postal tube ready for framing, or just use as a poster. It is printed with high-quality, light-fast lithographic ink, so will not fade. Price includes one poster, safe postal tube, shipping and delivery. Price is to mainland UK only, please get in touch for EU delivery prices.