The National Heritage Centre has gone from a dream to a drawing and then full-scale project – it can only have got so far thanks to terrific support from a huge range of people and organisations who all recognise the importance of Newmarket as the international centre for horseracing.

Cllr Andy Drummond, Forest Heath Cabinet member for Health, Leisure and Culture

About NHRM

NHRM tells the story of horseracing from its earliest origins to the global phenomenon it is today.

The economic contribution of horseracing to the UK economy alone is estimated to be in the region of. £3.5 billion, with over 85,000 jobs supported by the industry.

This 350-year-old relationship is explored through stunning works of art, contemporary sculptures, breathtaking architecture, through to equine science, some of the world’s most famous racing trophies and unique bronzes and artefacts. Using the latest interactive and audiovisual displays, the museum also takes a different look at the sport, examining the physical attributes of the elite equine athlete and the importance of the thoroughbred pedigree.


Explore the history of the site and its residents, both human and equine

NHRM occupies the last remaining part of King Charles II’s sporting palace and stables, providing an exciting attraction that is steeped in history.



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We have a varied range of volunteering opportunities from working with our ex-racehorses in the Rothschild Yard to working as a volunteer host