BOOK TALKS: In Conversation with award-winning author Jessica Hepburn

Join us in the John Lambton Rooms, for a conversation with award-winning author, arts producer, and adventure activist Jessica Hepburn as she discusses her inspiring book – Save Me from the Waves: An adventure from sea to summit.

Followed by a Q&A with Julie Spence OBE CStJ QPM

Jessica Hepburn is an award-winning author, arts producer and adventure activist who has become one of the UK’s leading voices on fertility and family, as well as endurance sport (even though she is the most unlikely athlete and doesn’t have children!) She has become a pioneer in inspiring people to live big and bravely when life doesn’t go to plan, and championing the benefits of going on adventures to improve your physical and mental health.

Event Information

Thursday 16th May 2024

6.30pm - 7.45pm

£10 Admission Fee

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