David Stuart: Young Horse Foundation Training Demonstration

We a delighted to have David Stuart come to the museum, for a young horse training demonstration on Thursday 8th August.

David has over 35 years of experience from starting young horses and dealing with horses with behavioural issues, to teaching people the foundations of horsemanship. His relaxed manner and comfortable presence in front of an audience, has meant that his expertise has been showcased throughout the world.

At this demonstration you’ll see how David reads the horse, working from the ground to prepare the horse for the saddle, and then the rider. Depending on the situation, he may go on to put the first ride on the horse.

It is stressed that David will only do this if he thinks the horse is ready and not just as a ‘crowd pleaser’. Trust and relaxation are absolute preconditions.

Event Information

Thursday 8th August 2024


£20 Admission Fee

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