The workshop was really thought-provoking – I don’t think that the information about a horse would have been so well understood or retained if it had not been presented alongside information about humans. This meant that the children were learning evaluative skills as well as facts, and this ability to compare and contrast can be used across the curriculum.

School Governor

About NHRM

Discover our exciting opportunities for school trips including the chance to take part in immersive curriculum-linked workshops, providing meaningful and enjoyable learning outside the classroom for all ages

We have a range of workshops for KS1 and KS2, costing only £100 per workshop (Maximum 30 students. Must be booked in advance)

We are working very hard to keep everyone Covid safe.

If you are interested in a workshop, please contact Gabrielle Bell by email or call 01638 667314 so that we can discuss how best to achieve this for your group. Thank you.

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Marvellous Materials

KS 1 & 2 – Allow 2 hrs

Curriculum links: Science: Materials, their properties and uses, working scientifically

Explore the materials used in racing with hands-on investigations. Students discover what makes materials suitable for particular jobs, and are challenged to search for different materials in our galleries.


Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

KS2 (can be adapted to KS1) – Allow 2hrs 15mins

Curriculum links: Animals including humans; working scientifically; recognising pattern and sequence

Straight FromThe Horse’s Mouth is a hands-on comparative anatomy workshop investigating similarities and differences between human and equine athletes!


Blue Peter: WWII

KS 2 – Allow 1hr 45mins

Cirriculum Links: Local Study/ History (How a world or national event affected the locality; sources and interpretation)/ English (reading & spoken language)

Students will have the opportunity to handle a mystery object from our collection and to learn about part of Newmarket’s wartime story.


Palace House Grand Tour: an active exploration

Perfect for schools and groups ages 7-18 – Allow 3 hrs – Please enquire

Curriculum links: Social and Cultural learning, touching on themes of Art/History/English/Science.

Suitable for groups of up to 60 students (please contact us if your group is larger)


Dawn Horse

KS 2 & 3 – Allow 2 hrs 15 mins

Curriculum links: Science-Evolution & Inheritance; working scientifically

Students will use evidence, including handling fossil casts, in order to understand some of the changes which occurred to the earliest horses millions of years ago and led to Equus.


Surprising Science

KS 1, 2 & lower KS 3 – Allow 2 hrs

Curriculum links: these will vary according to activities selected, but may include animals including humans; working scientifically; inheritance; materials, their properties and uses.

Create your own unique Surprising Science workshop by choosing two activities from our pick’n’mix list