A community art project for the people of Newmarket

 As the second phase to our artists in residence project #WeAreNewmarket, we will be collating views of Newmarket made by those local to, or with a connection to, the town. If you would like to submit a photograph or artwork for inclusion in the final work (to be displayed in the museum) then check out the information below. You don’t need to be a professional artist to submit – we are open to all ideas!

What people, places, buildings, plants, homes, history or feelings represent Newmarket to you? It could be the clock tower, a building or a person you see every day on the way to work or school, the horses crossing over to the gallops every day, the open green spaces, your favourite hobby, the street sign at the top of your road… an object that represents your job… maybe a person, someone who you feel represents your view of Newmarket or even a photo of you! You can use any 2D media – or even writing in English or another language to express your ideas.

How do I submit my artwork? 

  • Your artwork needs to fit into a square or rectangular format, maximum dimensions 21cm by 15cm (A5) size. If it’s 3D you can photograph it and send us your image.
  • You can use your own collage, photography, textiles, drawing, painting or any 2D media that is flat. You can use your own paper or pick up a piece from the Atrium entrance to the museum.
  • Your completed art needs to be delivered back to reception or posted to us by 10th December 2021.
  • Please write your name and your contact email address on the back (or an adult’s contact email if you’re under 16) so we can invite you to the unveiling of the final artwork.
  • We will also be using social media to share your images, so if you are a keen photographer, or have an image of your work use the hashtag #WeAreNewmarket (make sure your post is public) so we can share your ideas and thoughts and include your image in the final art.

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