Blue Shirt or War Vessel

The 1939 Grand National took place on 24th March at the Aintree Racecourse. Both War Vessel and Blue Shirt were favourites to win. Unfortunately neither horse finished the race, which came as a disappointment to spectators.

A glass bottle with Blue Shirt’s name inside washed up on the shore in Ireland, which was seen by many as a sign that he would win.

Instead, Workman won the Grand National that year. Ridden by Jockey Tim Hyde, he was the first Irish trained, owned, bred and ridden horse to win the race.

Blue Shirt or War Vessel

Feb 22nd 1939

Dear Jack:-

Thanks for the form book. Now I wish you’d send me one with the seasons jump races to date. If you send it immediately I can still have time to pick the National winner this year. I really don’t need it but I just want to check up. You see it’s either Blue Shirt or War Vessel and I want to put a “monkey” on each. Now don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Glad Crosswire looks to be progressing and everytime I think of the money we are going to clean up with him it makes me chuckle. In fact I’m chuckling about it as much as Moe Tarsh did before he went broke.

I went to the Santa Anita Derby to-day and had my ass trimmed. A filly by the name of Ciencia won it easily. She’s a nice one and just laughed at the colts. However I doubt she can win the Kentucky Derby.

I think it’s wonderful that you have done Chas. Cavendish so much good. Is he still behaving? Is Chas. having any horses with you?

We finished the new picture and it looks good. It is a more serious story and they say audiences at the try-out performances liked it a lot.

Hope you are well Jack and that I’ll see you this summer or autumn. I may have to stay and do another picture through May and June here.

All the best – keep me posted when you get time.

As ever