Sylvia Fairbanks

Sylvia Fairbanks, as she was known at the time, was a model and theatre performer who married the actor, Douglas Fairbanks Sr. in 1936. They were married until Douglas tragically passed away from a heart attack on 12th December 1939.

Upon inheriting Douglas’ estate, Sylvia Fairbanks co-founded the British Distressed Areas Fund, a charity set up to clothe, feed and provide medical aid to refugees in the war.

Sylvia Fairbanks

January 8th 1939

Dear Jack:-

At last I have time to write you a line. Have finally finished that darn picture and it looks alright too I think. Lots of “hoofing”.

Have been to Santa Anita doing not so good until I nailed one for $500.00 on Saturday. That puts me near even on the season. (It’s only six days old).

That’s a great place Jack – it’s even a pleasure to lose money there!!?

Hope Crosswire turns out to be a smasher and all the wars will end in a few months and somebody hits me in the ass with a couple of million & then you can bring the animal over here & we’ll win the bloody $100,00.00 thing. Am glad you have a good new owner – how’d you find him?

Your war talk is most encouraging – I feel that it will blow up before long. Civilization has caught up with those war-minded pr- in Germany etc.

Sylvia Fairbanks is still in a terrible way about Doug. She is in a daze – it is really pitiful.

All the best Jack – the family are all fine –

Write soon –