“Trotting In” to the Next Election

When this letter was written, the 1936 presidential election was taking place in America. Fred Astaire refers to the Democrat leader, Franklin D. Roosevelt, as “trotting in” to be re-elected.

The language in the letter reveals Fred’s passion for racing. Fred’s prediction was right, the election was a landslide victory for Roosevelt.

“Trotting In” to the Next Election


Not much news here except that I’m busy on my broadcasts & they take a lot of preparation & rehearsing each week. The first one more than paid my Ladbrokes bill so what the hell!!!

That guy Roosevelt looks like “trotting in” to the next election here although they say you can get as good as 7 to 5 on him. I mean Landon is 7 to 5 against.

I’d like to lay 700 to 500 that Roosevelt walks it but I’m sure I could not get any takers even at broader odds.

I wish they’d unseat the guy though – there’s a lot of feeling against him.

Give my best to the boys and save up a few winners for yourself.

Can’t think of any new stories just now.

So long


PS Please send me one of those new kind of form books – the black one. Also Racing Up to Date Year Book when time.