Hospital Work Around London

From August 1944 to the end of the war, Fred travelled around Europe on a USO (United Service Organisation) tour. He was unable to sign up as he was too old and had children. Instead, he played his part by entertaining the troops.

The tour took him to places like France, Belgium and England. He even performed for a crowd of 5000 in the gardens at the Palace of Versailles.

After the war, Jack and Fred were once again able to reunite in London in 1946, as seen in the image where they are wearing their uniforms.

USO Tour – Hospital Work Around London

Belgium Sept. 14th 1945

Dear Jack:-

Have covered the works in France & believe me this is some trip for an old bastard like me. It’s rugged Jack – no kiddin! So much happens all the time I can’t remember half of it. We live in tents & old broken down dumps – no lights – heat – water – no nuthin! Its murder but the work is being done & that’s the main thing. The boys are great. I’m feeling fine but damn tired. Expect to be back in London about Oct 1st. Don’t know if I can make the trip up to see you as planned. They want me to do some hospital work around London. Hope some how to see you Jack. It must be done.

Paris looked fine but pretty disorganized & completely screwy. No food.

All best Jack – see you soon –