Seabiscuit, who Fred compares to his own horse Crosswire, was an American racehorse who had 33 wins in his career. In 1938, he was voted American Horse of the Year and went onto win over $400,000 in earnings.

At the time, America was just coming out of the Great Depression so his success was a huge victory for the whole country.

The film, Seabiscuit, came out in 2003 to honour him and tell his story.


July 17th 1938

Dear Jack:-

I’m pleased that you think you’ve found an animal with possibilities. He sounds good to me and not too expensive – yet! We have a good name for him too, which I wish you would try to get immediately –


Send me some dope on his brothers and sisters and what they’ve been doing. Has Merry Mathew been good this year? I am going to change my colors too – will send several illustrations soon of what we want and if possible that no one has them we can take ‘em for life. What does that cost? A fiver? Write me what to do regarding expenses etc. Will you send me papers from Weatherby? You figure a way that training bills can be handled against that other acct. etc. and let me know what is best to do

Will Weatherbys send me their usual monthly acct. when the animal starts running? I can’t get to England before next March or possibly Feb so please figure out a simple way that bills can be handled – I mean a way that I can understand.

I surely do hope this one turns out to be a fairly good one. I don’t want to be bothered with platers so if anything happens that he’s not so good we can get rid of him before he gets too expensive. I’m bent on sticking to the game though Jack and if we can make this thing break even I’d like to go on indefinitely, maybe picking up another animal too!

Is it possible for us to break even or only lose a little? Perhaps if I don’t bet at all – or only if it looks like a dead certainty – I could be safer. I want a good horse Jack – so lets try and get one. I’m really not enthusiastic about anything else. Keep your eyes open.

You know Seabiscuit was sold for $6,000.00 after his 2 yr old year and half of his time and has won $287,000.00 since then!!

I think however that yearlings are our best bet – well-bred ones.

Perhaps when I get to England next year if things are going well with Crosswire we can pick up another.

Well – best of luck to us anyway. I hope this one will turn out to “get the course” – a mile at least. I’ve always had those stopping bastards that barely “get the five” finishing down the hill!!!

We are finishing the picture this week and it looks good. I think you’ll like it.

That joke you sent me was a pip – I told it to some of the boys and they got a good laugh.

I have several good new ones for you but no time to write ‘em now. Will send ‘em in next letter.

All the best Jack – be good – and we’ll both make millions! I feel the dawn of a terrific racing career coming up – new colors – new horses – !!!! Winners!! (I hope we don’t lose our f*****g shirts!).