I Hear You Have Joined Up

Jack Leach served as an officer in the York & Lancaster Regiment during WWII.

As America did not officially enter the war until 11th December 1941, productions in Hollywood continued so Fred was working.

‘Broadway Melody of 1940’ was a film about an unsuccessful dance team who rose to fame after dancing with a Broadway star. Eleanor Powell was Fred’s dance partner in this film. Although they only performed together once, they had a huge cultural impact.

‘Begin the Beguine’ is considered to be the greatest dance of all time. You can watch it here.

I Hear You Have Joined Up

Sept 18 1939

Dear Jack:-

I hear you have joined up and am anxious to hear all about how you’re getting on.

This screwy world has done some queer things but this recent business has got ‘em all stopped. Well – we can’t do anything so __ __ & nuts. I suppose it’ll all be straightened out some day.

In a way – I’d almost rather “sign up” than have to go through another one of these break-neck big musical pictures. I’ve been beating my brains out for two months now and am exhausted with several more months to go.

As for the horse – I guess there’s nothing we can do.

I see no way of getting him over here – it could never be arranged. Does he have to keep in training – what are all the others doing. Maybe you could send him to Adele in Ireland – she could park him for a while.

It’s all very tough but what the h….

Take care of yourself and let me know where you are located and for how long. I would try to reach you on the ‘phone if there was a chance to find you.

All best luck Jack from us both,

As ever –