I Wish I Was in Newmarket

Fred’s schedule was consistently full, but he always made time to reply to Jack. “I Wish I Was in Newmarket” is a testament to Fred’s love of horseracing.

Jack Leach mentions that Fred loved the town, writing in his book that “I think he enjoyed himself very much at Newmarket, as he often came down even when there was no racing.”

I Wish I Was in Newmarket

Monday Nov. 1st 1938

Dear Jack:-

Please excuse me for not writing – I have been so busy – it’s been terrible. The show has been a bastard – we’ve changed it so many times that we don’t know where we are. It has been an awful job trying to get it right. This just happened to be one of those shows that was wrong to start off with and it has meant rehearse all the time. It begins to look better now at last and maybe we are on the right track. We are not due in N.Y. for several weeks yet.

How’s everything kid? I wish I was in Newmarket.

Thought the enclosed about Sande would interest you. I think he probably got a raw deal.

How’s the hoss?

Haven’t seen a Racing Form for a long time – I’ve lost track of things since this damn show started.

Have seen a lot of Liz lately – she’s still as wonderful as ever and sends best to you.

Will write again soon,

In haste

Your pal,